Things to Do in Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours

Known as America's most haunted hotel, Crescent Hotel is practically begging ghost hunters and skeptics alike to visit for at least an hour or two. The outdated decor and ambience is enough to send shivers down your spine. Paranormal experts will tell you the story of the hotel guests who love the inn so much they still haven't decided to leave. Chilling... and intriguing.

Hikes near Eureka Springs

Our small town is surrounded by trees, hills, and wildlife. As such, we have a ton of hikes for you to explore when you come here. While none of these hikes are going to challenge the most serious of outdoorsmen, they provide a nice retreat from the city in a relaxing natural environment. The Eureka Springs Loop, Minors Rock, and Black Bass Lake Trail are but a few of the trails you'll find.

Ozark Mountain Ziplines

You'll zoom through the Arkansas forest with a racing heart and windblown hair if you come to Ozark Mountain Ziplines. This thrilling ride is perfect for adventurers who want to get their blood pumping as they zip through the air above the trees. The canopy tour takes you across 10 cables and one swinging bridge. Book early if you're interested.

Quigley's Castle

This quaint historic home is named after a family who lived in Eureka Springs in the early 20th century. One of the stranger homes in the Ozarks, the Quigleys collected a ton of different flora from all over the place. Today, you'll still find beautiful flowers in this makeshift greenhouse.

Snake World

Snakes are one of the most misunderstood creatures on Earth. While the animals can be scary (and potentially dangerous), Snake World gives you a chance to meet and hold some of these "danger ropes". They don't only have snakes here though, you'll also be able to find turtles, lizards, catfish, and geckos. It's a fun trip just outside of town.

The Great Passion Play

One of the more unique attractions near our hotel is The Great Passion Play. The play does a deep dive into the last week of Jesus Christ's life. You can tour a replica of the Holy Land, and find the Christ of the Ozarks statue. Additionally, there are mountain biking trails onsite you can explore. The attraction is interesting whether you are Christian or not, so feel free to explore if only to learn about the history.
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